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All about the beer

Of course! You can either set up your step profile using our online recipe builder or switch over to manual mode.

Yes, the system has a manual mode for the experienced craft brewers. It still gives you all the benefits of precise temperature control, setting up timers, logging data, and controlling the pump. It’s nice to just pick up a grain bill and brew.

You will be able to brew all the way up to 1.090 with 3 gallons of finished beer. Our online recipe builder won’t let you build something you can’t brew. You can build a recipe past 1.090 but may end up with a smaller batch of beer.

Yes, we encourage you to get your ingredients locally. We believe the fun of brewing is getting to know new local brewers and it’s great to have freshly milled grains.

You will also have the ability to directly order a pre-built or custom crafted recipe and have it shipped directly to you through our online interface. We want to make it simple to get the ingredients anywhere in country?

It turns out to be the perfect size batch for brewing anywhere. On our 3 gallons system, you will be able to use any plug in your house on a 20-amp circuit. Above 3 gallons, you would need a special 240V outlet in your kitchen.

Product Information

We chose to design our system just like your local microbreweries. All stainless simplifies cleaning and just looks sharp!

Of Course! The system can always be setup and controlled through the user interface on your Countertop Brewery.


At launch, we will only be shipping to US addresses. Email us to get a timeline on our international deployment.

At launch, we will have a full video tutorial series to get you started. We will also have detailed documentation online and you can always reach out to us!

Please contact us directly at support@countertopbrewery.com. We will get a dedicated team member working with you.