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All-grain brewing for everyone

Get a Countertop Brewery and brew using the same processes as large breweries. It is designed to simplify the brewing process so you can brew consistent batches every time.

We have designed the Countertop Brewery to simplify brewing in your home. Designed to be easy to setup, brew, clean, and store it fits in even the smallest of kitchens.

Key Features

Brew 3 Gallons!

You can brew up to 3 gallons anywhere.

Just build a recipe with our online recipe builder, pick-up a grain bill and plug into any standard 20-amp outlet.

Easy to setup and brew

  • WIFI

    Integrated wifi allows you to send recipes, save data online, and receive alerts on your mobile device

  • Indicator Lights

    Indicator lights tell you from a distance how your brew session is going.

  • Touchscreen

    Setup, monitor, and interact with the system using the built-in 3.5″ touchscreen.

Save time and brew more

1800 Watts

Quickly heat up, step mash, or achieve boil with 1800 watts of heating power.


Get uniform mash temperatures, chill, and fill your carboy with the stainless steel pump.

Wort Chilling

Cool down from boil in 7 minutes using the integrated wort chilling


All-stainless construction makes it fast and simple to clean.